Going North: Tips & Techniques to Advance Yourself

There are many opportunities available for those seeking more out of life. Going North! will help you start on that journey. This book is about unlocking the door and stepping into a place of continuous personal growth. Filled with wise words and actionable advice, this book will help you to learn:


  • How to develop and maintain a positive attitude

  • How to become a better thinker

  • Why your time is more precious than money

  • Why you must continue to encourage yourself and others

  • Why the golden rule is still shiny



Customer Review: 


Brightmon really respects the reader's time here. His background in library work shines through, as he has curated the ideas some of the best-known thought-leaders, as well as more obscure philosophers, into a book that cuts through the overwhelming noise of self-help hucksters that plague modern best-seller lists. Every line is filled with practical wisdom. Normally with books of this nature, authors tend to love to "hear themselves talk;" Brightmon goes a different route, eschewing fluff for the sake of conciseness and content; thus, I had to similarly shed my tendency to speed-read, as I am used to authors hiding their gold under piles of superfluous chatter.

His tone is approachable and easily readable, yet his words demand contemplation. It is as if he is giving you the extra time you save reading to actually go and do the actions this book inspires you to do. This, in essence, is not the sort of book that you consume and then condemn to a lifetime of dust-collection. Rather, this is a compact guide that deserves a presence in your briefcase, backpack, messenger bag, or purse; something to return to again and again to keep you "going north."

- John Hunter, Toastmaster & Licensed Professional Counselor




Stay The Course: The Elite Performer's 7 Secret Keys to Sustainable Success

Have you generated some success for yourself? Are you looking to create more success and sustain it? This book is about having the mindset to overcome any obstacle and create more wins in your life. Filled with quotes, stories and actionable advice this book will help you to learn:


  • The major key of elite performance that enables the other 7.

  • The habits of successful people that generate a dynamic life.

  • How to increase your effectiveness in your workplace.

  • How to have an excellent day, every day.

  • Why crisis creates the champion that you are meant to be.

“In Stay the Course: The Elite Performers 7 Secret Keys to Sustainable Success, Dominique Brightmon provides next-level insights. This is a practical field guide to get you to greatness. Dominique lives his message and practices what he preaches. These tips and strategies are relevant and immediately applicable. Buy this book today and stay the course to your Mountaintop.”

- Jeff Davis, author of “Reach Your Mountaintop” and authentic leadership expert

“Stay the Course is a must-read for everyone looking to get to their next level. It is motivational and inspirational. Dom provides quotes and stories that are encouraging and relatable to readers. If you are looking to achieve and maintain your success
then Stay the Course is the book for you.”


- Christina Alva, Serial Entrepreneur & Author of “Beyond the Job Description”




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